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Our Personalized Books are hard-bound, with glossy wipe-clean covers that allow your child to become the star of the story. These keepsakes also feature other personal information such as hometown, friends and a variety of other specific information depending on which of the many titles you choose. From the moment your child realizes the story is about him or her, the magic begins!

  • Baby’s Book — Personalized Storybook

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    This heartfelt and popular book is special for both parents and children alike and makes a great Baptism, Christening, 1st Birthday, or personalized baby gift. There are a number of variations of this baby book to accommodate your different circumstances. In the back of this book, there is a place for you to record important dates, and treasured moments from the first smile to the first steps and beyond.

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    Baseball’s Unsung Hero — Personalized Storybook

    Although saving the big game, this book becomes the only “proof” of a true living baseball legend. It's a humorous take on how "good" your player really is. If your child (or adult) baseball fan is better at talking the game than playing the game, this is the perfect novelty gift. Filled with sarcasm and digs at the players true ability are sure to keep everyone laughing!

  • God’s Special Gifts to Me — Personalized Storybook

    Excellent illustrations accent this wonderful Christian book. Every day, there is so much to be thankful for. This personalized story deals with your child's God given senses, like sight, hearing, tastes, and smells and touch. Your child will explore these senses with illustrations showing examples of butterflies for sight, good food for taste, music for sounds and more. All Create-A-Books are made with durable wipe-clean hard covers.

  • Graduation Book — Personalized Storybook

    Your new Graduate will appreciate this keepsake book that features their name, the name of their school, the year, teacher's names, friend's names and more written into a story. As the new graduate starts a new phase in his or her life, the pride from the accomplishment will be documented in the pages of this hard-bound professionally printed book. Makes a wonderful gift. All Create-A-Books are made with durable wipe-clean hard covers.

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  • Hockey — Personalized Storybook

    When illness strikes the hockey team members, your child takes their place and saves the game! Even though “the kid” is a little young and inexperienced, the coach of the team calls him or her to play. After an “official hockey-looking guy” rings the front doorbell, your child is taken to the arena. The coach comments that he/she must be the youngest player in the whole world. The game is intense and goes into overtime after the third period. The youngest player doesn't get any ice time, it’s still great just to be there in the best seats ever. Finally, the coach calls your child in during the final minutes to save the game!

  • I Like Me (Ethnic Version) — Personalized Storybook

    A good choice for early readers.  "I Like Me" reminds your child just how special he/she is.   Pages have a small word count which will make it easy to encourage younger readers to tackle reading solo - all the while pointing out the wonderful qualities that make your child so easy to be liked (and loved)! 

  • Let Us Thank God — Personalized Storybook


    An inspiration that gives your child examples of things we should be thankful for! Presented by Gabriel, he teaches many of the reasons why we give thanks to God. God has given us all the joys we are able to experience through our five senses. Each page of this inspirational book talks about something for us to pray about, and then offers the prayers. Even the family pet gets a mention. The final page has a wonderfully written 21 line prayer that your child can recite each day!

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    story book

    Let’s Play Soccer — Personalized Storybook

    Great choice if your child is or has been on a soccer team. Teamwork and fair play is the emphasis in this soccer adventure. We can add lots of personalization to this one – including coach name and other team members names if you’d like!
  • Little One, Little One, What Do You See? — Personalized Storybook

    What could be more fun than helping your little one learn about animals and numbers at the same time? These lovely illustrations and simple rhymes make it easy for your child to remember the story. The personalized details will keep your child interested in learning, and it makes a great gift before pre-school begins. Children, parents, and grandparents love this classic book. Get a head start on pre-school with this personalized storybook. Item PB538 Shipping Weight: .75 lbs
  • Look to the Son — Personalized Storybook

    Today's the day your child will stand in front of his/her Sunday School class and recite his favorite Bible story. But nerves are getting the best of him until a magic camel takes him back in time to the days of Jesus where he/she gets the message first-hand that he can do anything through the power of Jesus. Item PBR14 Shipping Weight: .75 lbs
  • McGruff & Me — Personalized Storybook

    "Be Smart, Be Safe" with this ingenious safety book.  McGruff spends the day with your child at school teaching crime prevention.  Include school name and up to 2 friends or relatives. Item PB517 Shipping Weight: .75 lbs
  • Mother’s Day Book | Father’s Day Appreciation — Personalized Storybook

    Here's a switch - instead of being TO your child, this book is FROM your child to give as a gift to Mommy, Grandma, Daddy, a favorite Aunt, babysitter...anyone who deserves a big "Thank you!" for being wonderful!   The text used is easy to understand and written from a child's point of view. It is an illustrated, entertaining, and personalized thank-you letter done children's book style. The details can all be custom-written for the recipient.   For example, which of Mom’s dishes do you like best? What things do you like doing with your favorite babysitter? These are only some of the things you can put into this personalized thank you gift. In the same way that personalized children's books are among the best gifts for children, this is one of the most unique and heartfelt treasures you can give. Item PB531 Shipping Weight: .75 lbs